Thursday, October 21, 2010

Le château met les petits plats dans les grands


This is an article I found about a cooking history class in France, where they're cooking the "cuisine Apicius." They seem to be having fun with it, and getting high school students interested in Latin! 
I think that it's pretty awesome that they're also trying out the favorite dishes from other times in history too - Henry IV?! I can only imagine what he'd eat... Nom nom nom.

The original French can be found ici.


The castle put dishes in large

Wednesday, parents and children are invited to the table of the castle.Their host, Marie-Jose Baldwin, will be running a session test kitchen.

 Marie-José Baudoin anime ateliers et conférences autour de la cuisine à travers les siècles.  Ph. « SO »

Marie-José Baldwin hosts workshops and conferences around the kitchen through the centuries. PH. "NA"

Marie-José Baldwin fell into the pot tiny taste of the good things. But she chose the classics to art. "I then asked:" how high school students interested in Latin? " .By greed ...
Thus it has combined his two passions: good food and beautiful letters. After wading through the cuisine Apicius, "one of our only sources for recipes Roman, Jose Maria invited her students to put into practice revenue. "Everyone had a great time, in every sense of the word! "
This passion for cooking did not stop there. It continued its journey into the kitchens of the story. She arrived in the eighteenth century and the advent of cooking with flowers. "Cooking is a great gateway to explore all the companies and their habits, even the social hierarchy," says the teacher, gourmet. That's the subject of his next response to the castle of Nerac, a movie directed at children.
Garlic Sauce
It is a real sensory workshop which will take place at the castle, next Wednesday, from 14 am 30. Of course, the team's castle and Marie-José Baldwin will explanations of what they ate at the court of Henri IV, the king's favorite dishes ... A little decorum at the table during the Renaissance will also be provided. For example, it was frowned upon, at the time to dig into the dish or to clean their fingernails ... with a knife.
But children and their escorts will also be invited to put their hands in the dough. They will set the table. Here, moreover, how was it presented to the Renaissance? And where does the art of folding towels? All responses will be made through practiced ... and appetizers. In fact, bring water to the mouth without taste buds n'entrevoient of these dishes would not make sense for Marie-José Baudoin that the kitchen "is a reason to live."
Therefore, small hands will be invited to concoct a sauce of garlic, it is said, was popular with the Vert Galant. While some might wince at the mention of this specific recipe, other dishes are provided, more greedy, but equally unexpected ...
"Laboratory experimental cooking, Wednesday, October 27 to 14 h 30.Animation for youngsters from 6 to 12 years, accompanied by an adult.
Single rate: 4 euro.

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