Thursday, October 21, 2010

Toasting the Toast Mosaic

This blog celebrates food of the ancients, so I thought that this blog should pay respect to Mrs Hadland, who created a giant mosaic of her mother-in-law- out of toast. Mosaics are certainly an ancient method of creating a picture, and it's food. So therefore, we here at Julia & Julius salute you! 

A museum curator has created the world's largest toast mosaic in the image of her mother-in-law to celebrate her 50th birthday.
Sandra Whitfield, from Warrington, said she cried - with joy - when she saw the huge picture card created by her daughter-in-law Laura Hadland.
It took 27-year-old Mrs Hadland and 40 friends six hours to toast 9,852 slices of bread to create the 32ft 8in by 42ft (10m by 13m) artwork.
The card was officially named the world's largest by a Guinness World Records adjudicator on Sunday.
Mrs Whitfield said: "It's unusual, extraordinary and fantastic that she took the time and all the effort to do that."

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